Heavily customized front-end and back-end. Our work included the creation of a robust client interface for subscribers to access a large amount of data (example page). Customized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and back-end interface that ties into a custom database. On-the-fly PDF rendering to provide clients with print friendly pages and customized automated invoice PDFs. Built on Drupal 7 with custom modules. Also has a robust customized checkout system built on WooCommerce to handle their subscriptions and appraisals.

Karnezis Law

Worked with the client to create a tailored WordPress theme. We continue to maintain and support the clients website and technical needs.

Combined Care Center

This site is built on a custom PHP core to allow for expansion. This site was started in 2007 and now contains over 260 unique pages. We continue on-going work with this client to continue to expand their exercise library. We also work with the client to put together a monthly newsletter promoting health and services.

Affinity for Gaming

This website is a custom build based off a very simple design. Client currently has 2 locations and wants the ability to ‘copy’ the website out for new locations. Client had a strong vision of the site, and it was tailored to match their vision. We do ongoing work with this client to produce promotional banners advertising new products and events.

Burner Patches

This is a current on-going project. A visually simplistic website built on WordPress. Configured server with SSL to support Stripe payments. Setup a system so the client can create custom orders to send as e-bills. Currently working with client to create an online shop.